Syzygy - The nearly straight-line configuration of three celestial bodies (as in the sun, moon, and earth during a solar or lunar eclipse) in a gravitational system. (source: Merriam-Webster Dictionary)


Syzygy Media Works was founded in 2001. Syzygy Media Works is, from the outset, a full-service media and marketing firm specializing in corporate and non-profit projects from concept to the final finished product. Including online media, video, audio, print and live event production. We act as your marketing departments production backbone, taking your ideas and turning them into interesting and well executed marketing programs.

Currently, we are working on a range of projects that include several historical documentaries. Internet television series on all aspects of writing and the tools writers use. An internet television series on all aspects of writing and the tools which writers use.


About Us

David Watts, Jr. has been behind the camera for virtually his whole life. He has been a freelance photographer since 1969 and a film Producer-Director-Writer-Cinematographer-Editor since 1972.

As a still photographer, David has done extensive work in photojournalism, editorial, commercial, and fine art photography primarily in black-and-white in a variety of formats, from 35-mm to 8" x 10".

As a Producer-Director-Writer-Cinematographer-Editor, David has worked in, primarily, 35-mm and 16-mm. He has made numerous locally based television commercials and industrial films of all types. In more recent years, he has begun to work more in documentary subjects, utilizing theatrical film techniques to recreate historical events, in digital video. He has extensive experience shooting in both the studio and on location.

In 1998, with co-producer Aidan Chisholm, David directed and co-produced the first of three recreations of classic radio dramas, a special edition of Mr. Chisholm's long-running "Echoes of an Era" series on WCAT: a Sixtieth Anniversary full cast recreation of the notorious Orson Welles and the Mercury Theatre of the Air broadcast of The War of the Worlds. The second "Echoes of an Era - Special Edition" production was a pair of Norman Corwin radio plays: Murder in Studio One and The Odyssey of Runyon Jones. The centerpiece of this program was an interview with then 89-year-old Norman Corwin. The trilogy of radio recreations was rounded out Christmas 2001 with Norman Corwin's “The Plot to Overthrow Christmas” on WJUL-FM and WCAT.

Name: David Watts Jr.

Title: President & CEO/ Producer-Director-Writer/ Photographer

Favorite Quote: “Whoever uses the spirit within him creatively is an artist.  To make living itself an art, that is the goal.” - Henry Miller

Recent Credits

  1. 1.American Rhapsody (Pilot)

  2. 2.Preserving The Past

  3. 3.Stoneham Theatre Commercial

  4. 4.Quinnipiac University Perfusion Promo

Name: Ian McDermott

Title: 1st Cameraman - Editor

Favorite Quote: If you do not see a solution, turn the problem upside down.

Recent Credits

  1. 1.American Rhapsody (Pilot)

  2. 2.Preserving The Past

  3. 3.Stoneham Theatre Commercial

  4. 4.Cubicle Slaves

Ian McDermott became interested in electronic media in high school, and has not stopped since.  Whether it is shooting or editing, website or graphic design, multimedia or print, the point is always to create something new and interesting and have fun doing it.

Initially working at a Boston based duplication facility, Ian began working in the area of multimedia. DVDs, CDs and online video was the beginning of a intense interest in media on the internet.

In 2004, Ian became involved with The New England Anime Society and began working on their yearly Japanese animation convention, AnimeBoston.  He now leads the creative group responsible for video and multimedia materials used by the convention.

Most recently Ian has worked on a documentary about The Collings Foundation.

Name: Isa B. Cann, M.A.

Title: Website Design, Development & Maintenance

Favorite Quote:

Recent Credits

Isa represents the business development interests of organizations who need a quality website to promote and inform; professionally, dynamically and for their particular markets. With an M.A. in Regional Socio-Economic Development, Isa combines Best Practices of Marketing and Communications with the technical code and graphical design knowledge required for today’s required Internet presence - to build business.

Isa designs websites whose content can be, in part or whole, managed by the business owner after the original design, layout and dynamic function are determined, or can be entirely updated by Isa and her technical team over time.

She has designed and produced an innumerable quantity of communications and marketing media for a variety of client types in the New England region for over 17 years.

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